Book Review: The Couple Next Door – Shari Lapena


So … a new baby, parents next door at a dinner party with the baby monitor … they come homes, doors open, baby’s gone!

Who took the baby? Who’s involved? Is she dead or alive?

As we navigate the many twists and turns throughout this book, everybody is guilty – everybody is involved!

I even wondered if I had the baby at one point!! (I don’t, I checked!)

The characters are believable and all have their unique, credible flaws that allow you to warm to each character and empathise with them.

The twists just keep on coming, the scene set at the beginning, the couple, the family, the friends, nothing is what it seems and as we dig deeper the facade falls away and we actually have an entirely different story to the one we thought we had.

This book is fantastically well written and addictive – I read this book in less than 24hrs … I didn’t do much else … as I seriously could not put it down!

Fantastic book – highly recomeneded!

Now I need to find ‘A Stranger in the House’ to see if Shari Lapena can bamboozle me again 🙂